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Alpengipfel Mountain cheese extra old


  • Type of milk: cow, raw milk
  • Taste: spicy
  • Ripening: at least 8 month
  • Fat in dry matter: at least 45%
  • Item No: 2372

Mountain cheese extra old

The village of Schlins and its Alpine dairy is a renowned specialist for the traditional production of mountain cheeses. Their excellent quality is awarded numerous prizes year by year. The milk is produced according to strict quality guidelines and in compliance with the feeding restrictions, i.e. no feeding of silage and only grass, hay and cereals are admitted as feeding stuff. The “hay milk” is delivered daily and its ingredients and quality are tested before it is processed into mountain cheese. It can really pride itself on its outstanding quality.

Our ALPENGIPFEL mountain cheese, which is produced in this village dairy located in Vorarlberger Land, ripens at least 8 months before turning the approx. 30-kilogram weighing cheese wheels into packaged wedges of about 700 grams each. Its mildly spicy flavor makes it a highlight on any good cheese platter.