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Viva Italia Burrata


  • Type of milk: cow
  • Taste: mild
  • Fat in dry matter: at least 68%
  • Item No: 41800


Burrata is a Pasta Filata cheese produced in Apulia (in the south-east of Italy) which is made from cow’s milk. It consists of mozzarella curd brought into a pouch shape by manually kneading and pulling it. This pouch of Pasta Filata is filled with pieces of mozzarella, with whey and cream, these ingredients providing it with its extraordinarily fresh and creamy taste. The Burrata balls developing this way are tied up by hand.

Burrata is the ideal companion for braised vegetables, candied fruit. You can enjoy it on its own with fresh tomatoes and basil or as an ingredient in numerous pasta and salad recipes.