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Comté AOP extra Grotten gereift

Grotten Comte AOC ca. 1,2kg

  • Type of milk: cow, raw milk
  • Taste: aromatic
  • Ripening: at least 24 month
  • Fat in dry matter: at least 45%
  • Item No: 48210

Comté extra AOP

Comté is of the most popular cheeses in France. Regardless of whether you enjoy Comté on a sandwich, as a snack in between, grated for dishes au gratin, or in cubes as an appetizer, as an ingredient in the cold or warm cheese cuisine – this hard cheese from the Jura is always a delight for the palate. The raw milk comes from Montbéliard cows which graze fresh grass and herbs on the lush mountain meadows. These red and white pied dairy cows provide a kind of milk which is especially aromatic and rich in proteins. The approx. 35-kilogram weighing cheese wheels are mainly produced in small dairies. Comté carries the P.D.O. seal and generally ripens between 4 and 12 months.

Our cave-aged Comté is allowed to ripen for minimum 24 months in a natural marble grotto.

This extraordinary long “grotto ageing” guarantees an unrivaled culinary experience.