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Manchego Gran Reserva DOP



  • Type of milk: sheep
  • Taste: aromatic
  • Ripening: at least 52 weeks
  • Fat in dry matter: at least 50%
  • Item No: 5005

Manchego Gran Reserva DOP

Manchego is the best-known cheese from Spain.

This classic cheese is exclusively made from the milk supplied by the La Mancha sheep, which is a special native sheep breed of the Region of La Mancha.

Manchego GRAN RESERVA ages for at least 12 months. The cheese is coated by a firm rind and the sides of the cheese wheel carry the typical pattern of esparto grass mats the curd used to be pressed in. Manchego has a firm consistency and its color varies from white to ivory-yellow. After completing the ripening process, Manchego cheese, which comes in wheels of approx. 3 kg, stands out for its mild note of pepper and subtle tanginess.

This DOP hard cheese is an integral ingredient on any tapas platter and a perfect match to Spanish white and red wines.