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Ossau-Iraty AOP French sheep cheese


  • Type of milk: sheep
  • Taste: spicy
  • Ripening: at least 4 month
  • Fat in dry matter: at least 50%
  • Item No: 45023

Ossau Iraty

This full-bodied and aromatic cheese is made from the milk of Béarn sheep in the French Basque region. So far, Ossau Iraty has been the only cheese of the Pyrenees which has been awarded the AOP seal (AOP = appelation d’origine protégée).

It is produced in small rounds of 3 up to 7 kg and stays in the ripening cellar for minimum 4 months. The rustic rind is of a brownish-grey color. Depending on the degree of ripening, its taste varies from mildly nutty to strong, but always revealing the fine taste of rich ewe’s milk.

Help yourself to a special treat and serve Ossau Iraty together with cherry preserve.